Mother's Day is May 11th! I've got you covered in 3 easy steps.

Mother's Day is May 11th! I've got you covered in 3 easy steps.

What makes for the best kind of gift to receive? Something thoughtful that will be cherished forever. Portraits of your family, the new baby, or special event would hang forever in your home as a reminder of the BEST Mother's Day gift you EVER gave her.

Step 1: Purchase a Gift Certificate from Katie Bertoli Photography (by clicking here)

Step 2: Purchase a beautiful matted frame and put the Gift Certificate in it. (Photo size should be 8x10 minimum because remember, this is for the best gift she has ever received, not for just some snap shot taken on a phone. Craft stores have a great selection.)

Step 3: Wrap the framed Gift Certificate. (or simply tie a beautiful ribbon in a bow around it if wrapping isn't your thing)


...unless you want to go the extra mile. Often times the hardest part about a photo session for Mom, is deciding what everyone will wear.

Bonus Step: Follow this link to my "Top 10 Color Combos for Family Portraits" complete with pre-determined ACTUAL clothing sets (like the one below) that you can actually buy right now for your family and links so you can do it right now from your home. No trips to the mall required! 

Choose a color palette (Go with your gut. If your gut has no clue, ask me. I will help you decide!), purchase your family's clothing (make sure to check sizes!) and let Mom know she doesn't have to worry about a thing!
Navy / Yellow / White

 If you need more convincing, check out my testimonials page to see what my clients said when I asked them 3 very important questions. I'd love to hear from you! Click here to contact me.

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