See what my clients said when I asked them 3 very important questions...

1.What was your biggest concern before hiring me? Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead? You said...

"We didn't have any hesitation hiring Katie. I had seen the wonderful photo shoot she had done for a friend of ours so felt confident. Katie was extremely professional and very easy to work with." -Lilliana Alvarado

"My biggest concern was that my baby (6 months) wouldn't work well during the sessions. This was absolutely not true!! Katie engaged him from the beginning, and even had a little character stuffed animal that went around the camera to make him laugh!! She was great!! We followed his cues, took a break or changed locations when he needed a break!" -Colleen L.

"My biggest concern: not liking the pictures/Emma not cooperating. Absolutely not! Loved every picture and you were awesome with Emma, keeping her engaged though the entire session." -Cassie K.

"I wasn't really concerned before hiring you.  I was impressed by the photos I had seen on your posts.  BUT I had worked with another photographer in the past who came into our home.  The session was awkward, Kailyn acted strange, there were missed opportunities for natural shots while holding/playing with the girls, and the customer service was horrible.  Needless to say, we Didn't purchase any pictures and were pretty discouraged.  You were the COMPLETE opposite for all of the things that had turned me off from our previous experience.  The whole family was comfortable with you from the moment our session began.  Anything we did with the girls to make them smile was used as an opportunity for a good shot.  You read the girls well and rolled with whatever they did. And the result was truly beautiful pictures. We ended up purchasing half posed/half natural shots.  AND your customer service was excellent.  (Kailyn still looks at your pictures around our house and asks when we can take pictures with you next!)" -Kelly G.

"My biggest concern with hiring you to take our son’s newborn pictures had nothing to do with you as a photographer.  I’d seen your captivating photographs of Julia and picturesque scenes of the outdoors, so I needed no convincing regarding your artistic and creative skills.  My only reservation, believe it or not, was my son as a subject.  I was worried that he’d scream, crank, and fuss to the point where decent photographs would be either impossible to capture or miserable to attempt.  My fears about William’s behavior came true, but the second part of the equation could not have been farther from what I had imagined.  Yes, he fussed, cranked, and even screamed, but you captured the most beautiful, peaceful photograph of him smiling in his sleep in the short twenty minutes he allowed us to work with him.  You were so patient while I fed him and when we tried to soothe our baby who was having trouble adjusting to life outside mommy’s tummy. You spent way more time at our house than you had to, demonstrating just how flexible you are with newborn babies (and newbie parents).  Your patience and calm persona helped to ease my nerves, and the final product was absolutely priceless!" -Kelly C.

"I guess my only concern with hiring any photographer is if they will be able to capture my family and my child as they are everyday! If she would be able to get his personality and our families personality. Well she definitely did that above and beyond what I expected! They were us to a Tee!" -Christina B.

"My big concern was, the photos would look overly posed or to young. Instead they were natural looking and brought out my daughters personality and beauty." -Karen H.

"I had no concerns about working with Katie. I had seen pictures she had taken for "fun" and some of her previous artwork. I knew how talented and passionate Katie was about capturing precious moments. However, I was nervous that my baby would not cooperate, which happened at the newborn shoot. Katie was patient, loving, and nurturing to both my baby and me. She still managed to get some beautiful shots during chaos of a screaming baby and an overly stressed newborn mother." -Diana V.

2. What, specifically, was your favorite part of your session(s) and why? You said...

"I appreciated your input before
/during/after shoot for what to 

wear, colors, shot angles, what 

looks best, lighting, atmosphere 
etc. and with finishing details and 
ordering prints." 
-Athena H.
"My favorite was that it was 
just playful and not so posy
The pictures came out better 
than I could have ever hoped 
for." -Casey A.
"Well the day that we went
was absolutely freezing.  You
were such a trooper and you
didn't let the cold interfere with
your beautiful work at all.
My husband and I 
didn't feel
rushed and you were so helpful
choosing the right spots and
poses so that you could take such
great photos of our children."
-Shawna B.
"My favorite part of the holiday
photo session was seeing my son
open up to you.  He is quite inquisitive,
and because of this quality, he is difficult
to photograph.  He’d rather touch, or taste,
cameras, phones, etc. than be photographed
by them.  Your easy-going personality
makes it easy for a child to forget about the
fact that a stranger is in the house trying to
take pictures of him in order to open up,
play, and be silly for the camera.  I also
really appreciate how open you were to
ideas that we had. I’m not an artist, but
I did have certain types of photographs
in mind. You listened to our requests
and were sure to accommodate our
desires while managing to make them
look even better on film."
-Kelly C.

"Just watching Emma have 
fun, playing in the leaves 
and even cheesing for the 
camera a little." 

-Cassie K.
"My favorite part of the session 

was probably the group family 

photos with hubby in uniform. 
We never ever have had the 
opportunity before to have 
a picture like that and it's a 
keepsake that my kids can 
always look back on. 
It makes me cry every 
time I look at that picture. " 
-Nicole B.
"My favorite part of the 
session with Savannah 
was being able to sit back 

and relax - you were 
clearly experienced 

with newborns and I 
really felt like my 2 week 
old baby was in great hands, 
you were also really respectful 
and cautious with her, which 
was so appreciated! In the session 
with my parents, I enjoyed taking 
photos with the kids - because they 
were so little, we had 
to be easy going and I think your 
calmness allowed that to happen - 
nothing felt forced, it all seemed easy, 
and the end product is wonderful!!" 
-Danielle W.

"My favorite part of 
the session was: it 
was actually fun! 

experiences in the 

past were stressful 
for mommy and daddy 
- resulting in difficult 
kiddos and mediocre 
pictures.  Also - the 
location was perfect - 
great suggestion!" 
-Kelly G.
"You were personable 
and made my daughter 
The experience 
was very enjoyable." 
-Karen H.

"My favorite part of 
the session is hard to 
pick, but I loved that 
Katie was willing to get 
right down on the grass 
and leaves to get the 
perfect shot, 
and she did!!" 
-Colleen L.

"Our favorite part was actually 
that we were able to be ourselves. 
We didn't have any fake poses. 
We just took a walk in the park 
and hugged each other a lot. 
She was able to just capture 
the way we are." 
-Lilli A.
"My favorite part of the session 
was when we got to just be lose 
and who we are and those were 
my favorite photos it caught all 
our personalities."
-Christina B.

"My favorite part of the session was being 
able to help position him and try some special 
settings like the Mickey and the rocket 

blanket. You were very open to my ideas. 

As someone who is creative themselves, you 
allowed me to use that creativity. That is a 
very good trait to have! People might have 
their own ideas and input. Remaining open 
and flexible while incorporating your own 
styles and techniques allowed for some really 
great photos!" -Tina S.

"Your patience and understanding that Jack was having a tough day." -Katie Y.

"My favorite part of our shoots together is seeing the final result on Katie's blog. I am in awe of how amazing pictures look that were taken right in my own living room." -Diana V.

3. If you were to recommend me to your best friend, what would you say? You said...
"When I recommended you to Lilli & Staci I basically told them that you are a fantastic photographer, not in just your ability to take beautiful photographs and edit them flawlessly, but because you have the patience of a mother, (like when I had to take 2 nursing breaks with my two week old), and you have the vision of a professional - creating an aesthetic for her pictures that I couldn't see at the moment, but fell in love with in the final results.  Your passion and talent are clear in your work and your personable nature really made us feel comfortable and confident - even my husband who does not love having his photos done!" -Danielle W.

"Katie is so helpful and easy to work with. She's a mom and gets kids!! She knew how to make my son smile, and when something wasn't working, we tried something else. She was amazing!!" -Colleen L.

"Katie is awesome, great with kids and ready to try anything to get a good shot." -Cassie K.

"I HAVE suggested you to my best friend, and other friends, and acquaintances, and relatives...  Your pictures really speak for themselves.  I would say in a recommendation: Katie Bertoli Photography is Amazing.  I would highly recommend Katie for individual and family shots.  Katie has a way of relaxing parents and children to create beautiful, natural, comfortable pictures.  She has an excellent eye for creating gorgeous photos! In addition, Katie's customer service is wonderful.  She will personally ensure the customer is 100% happy. I'm looking forward to our next session!" -Kelly G.

"I have already recommend you to many of my good friends and what I have said is that Katie is super nice. She's so relaxed and laid back and makes you feel really comfortable!! She is really talented and the pictures are amazing!! She makes you feel at ease and really listens to what you want from your session. She gets amazing shots and I will be using her again!" -Nicole B.

"This question is easy because I have recommended your services to others before!  Here is what I have said/will continue to say: If you are looking for a fun, patient, creative infant/family photographer who is affordable, punctual, and truly accommodating, then Katie Bertoli is the photographer for you.  She is kind and flexible with little ones, and she does not force them to be or look like someone he/she is not.  Katie captures the very essence of the individual baby or family’s personality while balancing artistic vision with a genuine representation of your loved one(s).  She is able to weave what is most important to your family in the photographs via props, setting, etc. as well as in the blog posts, making each session unique and individualized. The photographs will come out more beautiful and touching than you could have ever imagined because they are taken, edited, and posted with care. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!" -Kelly C.

"I would tell her that you are very personable, friendly and passionate with your work. I would let her know how creative and talented you are and that she can expect beautiful pictures of her loved ones with no worries!" 
-Tina S. 

"I knew Katie Bertoli would be a great photographer for our newborn photos because she is a mom too. She understands the importance of these first images of a baby and what they mean to parents. Her patience during the shoot made the process so easy. The photos turned out beautiful and really capture our sweet little girl. We will cherish these images forever! I would highly recommend Katie Bertoli to any parents looking for a photographer. She has a true passion for what she does which makes it a pleasure to work with her." - Staci B.

"I would tell my friend that you are so easy to work with and you truly understand how to get the best shots with children.  I have never seen such great quality pictures for such a reasonable price. Our season was a lot of fun and I felt as though I had known you for years. It was just so comfortable and I feel like you need that in order to get good pictures." -Casey A.

"I would highly recommend you! Your prices are so reasonable!! You are sweet and friendly to your clients and make them feel so comfortable when taking pictures.  You were also extremely efficient and produce high quality work." -Shawna B.

"I would say: Hey Georgia, you should give Katie Bertoli Photography a try for your next family photo shoot.  She is really patient and will be able to handle your very specific attention to details… and you can bring your dog to the shoot! BONUS!" -Athena H.

"That you are affordable without compromising quality." Katie Y.

"If I were to recommend you to my best friend I would say you are amazing at what you do! You put your heart and soul into the shoot and the editing! It was what you were meant to do, she is so creative and imaginative! The pictures were beautiful and I will treasure them forever!" -Christina B.

"We already have recommended her to a few people. We usually talk about the great experience we had with her. Her pricing packages also makes the decision very easy." 
-Lilli A.

"You listen to what the client is looking for in pictures, Your pictures are amazing." 
-Karen H.

"I would highly recommend Katie to my friends without hesitation. She is professional and fun to be around. She handles my baby with care and can soothe her if needed. She comes well equipped with blankets, headbands, and other "props" to make pictures adorable. She takes charge but also respects the wishes of the parents. At one of our shoots, I expressed to her that I wanted a picture with my baby. She took a picture without me even knowing it and it ended up being one of my favorites because it was such a real moment. I am excited to have Katie document my daughter's milestones." -Diana V.

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