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The best time to photograph your newborn baby is within the first 10 days while they are still so very tiny, sleepy and snuggly. I have a very relaxed approach and will follow your baby’s lead. If baby needs to take breaks to eat, change, or cuddle, that’s exactly what we will do. Patience is key! Sessions can take anywhere from two to four hours depending on how calm and sleepy baby is and are held in your home. This way baby (and you!) can be as relaxed and comfortable as possible, allowing us to capture all of those adorable moments. All you need is a bright window (or even better – a sliding glass door) so we have plenty of natural light. I bring my portable studio set-up as well as blankets and props to choose from and it always makes a photo even that much more special when we use items that are meaningful to you and your little one. Every session includes my time and talent, pre-session planning with you, the shoot itself, and the artistic editing process. 

a Deluxe…$400
  • 2-4 Hour Session
  • Private Online Gallery with 30+ fully edited images
  • All Professionally Edited High Resolution Digital Files (30+) on CD

a Classic…$350
  • 2-4 Hour Session
  • Private Online Gallery with 30+ fully edited images
  • 10 Professionally Edited High Resolution Digital Files on CD

a Basic…$200
  • 2-4 Hour Session
  • Private Online Gallery with 30+ fully edited images
  • Professionally Edited High Resolution Digital Files on CD
aCustom Birth Announcements are also available. Check out a few examples here.

a Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes, the sweetest of smiles and a cute button nose…
Newborn portraits are so very special since they are only this little for such a short time. These are memories worth capturing. These are memories you will treasure forever.

"I knew Katie Bertoli would be a great photographer for our newborn photos because she is a mom too. She understands the importance of these first images of a baby and what they mean to parents. Her patience during the shoot made the process so easy. The photos turned out beautiful and really capture our sweet little girl. We will cherish these images forever! I would highly recommend Katie Bertoli to any parents looking for a photographer. She has a true passion for what she does which makes it a pleasure to work with her." - Staci Bisset
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"My only reservation, believe it or not, was my son as a subject.  I was worried that he’d scream, crank, and fuss to the point where decent photographs would be either impossible to capture or miserable to attempt.  My fears about William’s behavior came true, but the second part of the equation could not have been farther from what I had imagined.  Yes, he fussed, cranked, and even screamed, but you captured the most beautiful, peaceful photograph of him smiling in his sleep in the short twenty minutes he allowed us to work with him.  You were so patient while I fed him and when we tried to soothe our baby who was having trouble adjusting to life outside mommy’s tummy.   You spent way more time at our house than you had to, demonstrating just how flexible you are with newborn babies (and newbie parents).  Your patience and calm persona helped to ease my nerves, and the final product was absolutely priceless!" -Kelly Cummings

"My favorite part of the session was being able to help position him and try some special settings like the Mickey and the rocket blanket. You were very open to my ideas. As someone who is creative themselves, you  allowed me to use that creativity. That is a very good trait to have! People might have their own ideas and input. Remaining open and flexible while incorporating your own styles and techniques allowed for some really great photos!" -Tina Spadafora

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