Schwarzenbach Family Photo Remake - Danvers, MA Portrait Session

If you know the Schwarzenbach family like I know the Schwarzenbach family, you know that they are very close, extremely genuine, and never lacking in fun or excitement, especially the unconventional kind. This very proud single dad is also very creative. He gives the most creative gifts! My favorite example; a personalized billboard that he designed to celebrate each of their high school graduations! It was no surprise to me to hear that his kids were following in his foot steps and wanted to give him this photo shoot as a fun and creative present.

Front and center is super Dad Dan, behind him in green is Big Sister Stefanie, in red Sister Toni, and on his knee is "little" Brother Geoffrey. Even their names are spelled in the most creative ways! I intentionally capitalized "Sister" and "Brother" because if you heard them talk to one another you would think these are their actual names. My how everything and nothing changes after 22 years!

It was so hard for Toni to keep a straight face and the laughter was contagious! This is my favorite shot from our whole session because this is exactly how you can usually find this family when they are together - laughing hysterically!

 Something about this reminds me of a 90's sitcom...

Joining in on the fun was Toni's husband Mark. We were missing Stefanie's husband Jason to complete this picture though. Jason, you owe me one!

There is so much love in this family. Sure, they bicker like any family does (maybe a bit louder), but if you want a picture of fierce loyalty when it really counts, you're looking at it.

Sister, Sister, & Brother :)


Schwarzenback Family - Thank you so much for asking me to take these photos for you and join in on your family fun! To me you are like extended family so like Stefanie said, I probably would have been a little offended if you had gone to one of those places in the mall instead. I love that you know me that well. It's so exciting to add this project to the pile of Schwarzenback family photo fun. Maybe a billboard is in order??

Bonus photo: Me and Stef! Photo and styling courtesy of Sister Toni. Hilarity and laughter courtesy of Stefanie screaming "Fun with professional photography equipment!!!" Never a dull moment. Thanks for such a fun afternoon! Your full gallery is almost ready so be on the lookout and send me your email address if I don't already have it :)

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