Lucas "Luke" William Spadafora - Saugus, MA Newborn Photography Session

This adorable little fellow is Lucas "Luke" William Spadafora.  He decided he would like to be fully awake and present for his photo shoot and that was more than ok with his mom Tina and me.
Get a load of those eyes!

Who needs sleepy baby pictures when your baby has baby blues like these? Luke loved to snuggle with Tina and his rocket ship blanket that his Aunt Lee gave him. ...Seriously those eyes!

Luke loves looking at his mom... 

This gorgeous green blanket was given to Luke by his Nana and he was loving it!

Luke's dad Greg is a huge Star Wars fan so this was a no-brainer. Looks like he's resisting the temptations of the dark side already to me! I know there will be years of "Luke, I am your father." jokes in this baby's future :)

All dressed up! Can he get any cuter? If you are interested in making your own adorable (no-sew!) little bow tie, there is a great tutorial I used to make them here; http://pinterest.com/pin/209558188884063355/

This adorable pup was his big brother Zack's special gift to his new little brother :)

This snooze was only for a moment, but it just goes to show the magic of Disney. ;)

Tina & Greg, thanks so much for having me photograph your handsome little man. It's official, you make really cute kids! Tina you had great ideas for props and were so awesome during the shoot. Star Wars and Mickey?? Yes please! Your on-line gallery and CD of digital images is in the making. In the meantime, feel free to like and share this blog post with your family and friends all you like.

My next shoot will be with a cute little baby GIRL (1st one since my own!) so check back soon for more adorable cuteness.

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