Diana & Jeff - NH Maternity Session

As I've said before, Diana and I have been close friends since Junior High and she has been talking and dreaming about being a mom ever since. Even as a teenager she was the "mom" of our group of friends always having what anyone needed in her bag at any given moment, making sure everyone wore their sunscreen and that everyone texted her "H" to let her know they arrived home safely so she wouldn't worry. I am beyond excited for her and Jeff as they ready themselves for their tiny miracle to arrive and in my opinion, she has never looked more beautiful.

This is one of my favorite photos because I feel like it represents something so incredibly special. That beautiful ring on her right hand was her mom JoAnne's and Diana has worn it every day since she passed away when we were only in 10th grade. I know in my heart she is watching over them both with so much love like only a grandmother can, so proud and honored that her granddaughter's name will be Joanna. Jo Jo for short ♥.

Diana & Jeff - Thank you so much for allowing me to take your maternity photos! I love you both and I am truly honored. I can't wait for little Jo Jo to arrive so I can spoil the heck out of her! (Any day now... Yay!) There are more where these came from uploading to your gallery but in the mean time please feel free to share this post with your family and friends. 2 days to go! 

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