Wesley, 1 Year! - NH Event Photography

This blog post is extra special to me because it commemorates my little nephew Wesley's very first birthday party! It was a special gathering of his nearest and dearest and I was honored to be a part of it (even though there are no pictures to prove I was there!). 

Wesley's mom and dad didn't skimp on the details, including monthly baby photos, an all-about-me board, party hats, balloons, and especially the amazing cupcake cake!

The cutest of the party goers (sorry grown-ups!).

The very proud Grandma and "Lala" (short for Abuela)...
 ...and of course Dad and Mom too!

 Time for cake! I think he liked it!
Safe to say "like father like son"?
Thanks so much for asking me to take pictures at the party! It was an honor and a great time. I know I say this all the time but it's true - The days are slow but the years fly by. Auntie loves you so much Wesley!!

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