Colby, 6 Months - NH Portrait Photography Session

Welcome Colby back to the blog! 3 months older and full of personality he was such a pleasure. Those cheeks!!! This is his next Watch Me Grow session. Start with his Mom's stunning maternity session and then check out his Newborn and 3 month sessions if you're not up to speed.  I love working with this family. They have a great sense of style and had a great big spread of healthy snacks out just for not so little ol' pregnant me. I wish I had taken a picture of all the yummy food so I could show off their thoughtfulness but I was too busy munching in between set ups!

"What can I say? I'm a natural."

Those eyes!

Colby was at his happiest once his mom took his socks off so he could play with his cute little toes and put him in his comfy clothes. I can't say I blame him!

This was the very last shot of our session just before Colby's nap time and I just couldn't resist sharing.

Jen & Steve - Thanks so much again for a great session! Colby just gets cuter and cuter and cuter. Keep an eye out for an email from me with your full gallery and until then feel free to share this post!

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